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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to run photographic competitions or major photographic exhibitions for your camera club or association? If so, look no further - PhotoCompSoftware has three products to make organising print and projected digital image competitions a breeze from start to finish.


PhotoComp - for club competitions

The solution for club competitions, PhotoComp handles it all, from gathering entries via the world wide web, email, CD, memory stick and paper, to maintaining league tables and publishing results to your web site. On the way, it provides comprehensive facilities for showing and judging Projected Digital Image and Print competitions, including portfolio competitions and inter-club competitions.

To make it even simpler for you and your entrants, you can use the web entry system (see below).

There are plenty of options to let the judge score and/or allocate awards in the manner in which you are accustomed, and there are reports and printouts to make the life of the competition secretary as simple as possible. Inter-club battles are fast and easy to set up (especially if your competitor clubs also use PhotoCompSoftware), and, if members enter via the web, the average club competition takes minutes, rather than hours to organise.

For additional information about PhotoComp, click here

PhotoComp costs 75.


PhotEx - for exhibitions

PhotEx is the comprehensive solution to the problem of running major photographic exhibitions. It supports both Print and Projected Digital Image exhibitions with multiple sections in each, and takes entries via the World Wide Web, email or on CD and paper entries sent by post.

Entrants uploading their digital image files and/or specifying their print entries via the web can pay online using PayPal in one of three currencies.

PhotEx manages the tracking of packaging material for Prints, produces exhibition ID labels for them and prints banners for accepted prints. The acceptance process supports the pre-judging of prints, and allows judging by rounds.

Judges use keypads to record their scores directly onto the computer, and there are easy-to-use facilities to determine the acceptance level according to your criteria - you can split a mark band if necessary by asking the judges to indicate whether an entry is in or out using their keypads. For the fastest possible judging of projected images, you can set the system to run automatically so that when the third judge presses a score, the computer announces the total and shows the next image. Up to 600 images an hour can be judged in this way.

The judges can also used keypads to select entries for awards, and then assign awards to Projected Digital Image entries via an on-screen "light box".

Results are sent automatically to entrants by email where possible, with letters printed for those without email addresses. The system also produces material for the exhibition catalogue and labels to send catalogues and return prints in their original packaging.

Digital images can exported from the total entry in any resolution and any order you specify, with file names containing any information: this is particularly useful when producing a slide show of the exhibition, or passing entries to another exhibition.

PhotEx produces information about the exhibition in a vast permutation of reports to suit your specific needs - either printed or saved to a file, including HTML, for distribution. Most importantly, it will complete the returns required by FIAP and PSA for exhibitions run under their patronage.

To appreciate the program's complete flexibility in managing your pre and post exhibition requirements and for additional information about PhotEx click here.

PhotEx is currently used by some 35 organisations worldwide - for example, Smethwick Photographic Society run one of the largest International Exhibitions in the UK with full results available and online entrants receiving their individual results within 24hrs of the completion of judging.

PhotEx is ... "a very slick system that works impressively well" (Will Cheung, Editor, Photography News, December 2013)

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PhotEx costs 2000.


Remote judging

If you have a single judge, the simplest way is to run the judging with your "projector" replaced with a screen shared via Zoom or similar.

If you have several judges but your can't all meet in the same room, both PhotoComp and PhotEx have facilities for judging remotely using a browser. One or more judges can view the images and record their scores independently, and you then download the results onto your computer to produce the results.

PhotEx users can also run the judging as if the judges were in the room, with all judges viewing an entering their score for each image at the same time via their browsers.


Entries via the World Wide Web

This optional facility lets entrants enter using a browser. PhotoCompSoftware provides the web server and collects the entries, and you download them onto your own computer using PhotoComp or PhotEx. You can personalise the pages with your logo, colour scheme and add your own text to describe competition or exhibition and its rules.

Entrants do not have to rename their files, and you can allow the software to manage colour spaces or resize oversize images, so reducing errors and making it much easier to enter.

There is an annual charge for using the facility of 50 for PhotoComp users and 100 for PhotEx users.




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A PhotoComp licence costs 75.00

The use of the web entry facility costs
50 per year
and covers as many competitions as you want

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