PhotoComp and PhotEx


How to set up another computer


Reviewing and judging over the World Wide Web


How to personalise the Web Entry facility


Testing Web Entries


How to deal with malfunctioning keypads


Producing spreadsheets with PCS_UniversalExport


Notes on Dropbox & OneDrive




Running a Photographic Competition with PhotoComp

Using the web entry facility




How to run a knockout competition with PhotoComp


Running an Interclub competition with PhotoComp


Interclub entries (instructions for clubs)


Reviewing and judging competitions over the Web




Running a Photographic Exhibition with PhotEx


Setting fees for exhibition entry


Splitting a score band


Disqualifying entries and entrants in PhotEx


Managing group discounts


Group entry instructions


How to select Best in Show


The PhotEx PayPal process


Producing reports for PSA and FIAP


Judging via the Web - Organisers


Judging via the Web - Judges


Using PhotExSimulator


General articles


Getting started with Projected Digital Image competitions


How to run a successful Projected Digital Image competition


Choosing a digital projector


Colour Management or "Why does my image look different on the screen?"


Correcting an over-bright projector




Download Free

Evaluation Copy

Click on the button above to download a full evaluation copy of PhotoComp Manager. This is a fully working version, however all images will be watermarked with "Evaluation Only".

To remove this restriction, you will need a licence, which costs £75. This allows you to run the program on one computer to manage the entries and, if you wish, another computer to run the competition.




- Windows 7, 8, 10

- Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later



*(There is a charge of £2.00 to cover postage etc. for CDs.)